Ambi Climate 2 Review

Ambi Climate 2 Review: This smart air conditioner controller will give you comfort at all time

The Ambi Climate 2 smart air conditioner controller gives you comfort just how you like it and when you need it, without you having to lift a finger or do anything.

Welcome to the smart home era.

For those who are hearing of Ambi Climate for the first time, just like myself, before I finally got my hands on this smart device and spent over a month with it, the question probably running through your mind right now is:

What is Ambi Climate 2?

Ambi Climate is a smart home device that uses AI to control your air conditioner, taking note of the humidity, sunlight and other physical properties to adjust your air conditioner to give you more comfort at all levels.

It automatically learns the humidity and temperature of the room, then self adjusts your air conditioner to best suit your comfort level, while saving time and energy.

Who needs Ambi Climate?

If you do not like to worry yourself with adjusting your air conditioner all the time to give you a certain comfort level at home or in the studio.

image of Ambi climate 2 features

How the device works

With the Ambi Climate 2, you do not need to worry about your room or studio being too cold or hot, regardless of whether you are in the room or away. You simply just set it up and let the A.I do the rest.

Instead of simply turning on and off the AC, the latter takes more things into account (indoors and outdoors temperature, humidity and sunlight) in order to adjust the right parameters.

Set-up Process

The setup process of the Ambi Climate 2 is pretty straightforward and simple.

All you have to do is Sync it to your A/C unit and then connect it to your Wi-Fi network. After which, the app then gives the ability to adjust and monitor the temperature on the go remotely.

Moods and temperature

While a majority of us might be familiar with the typical scheduler, the Ambi Climate 2 takes things a different approach, by making use of timers.

Just like your alarm clock scheduled to alert you at certain times, the timer on the Ambi climate 2 helps automate your cooling/temperature control to adjust and suit your lifestyle at every point in time.

For those who dont get it yet

Say you want the temperature of your room to change at specific times of the day, such as when you wake up, when you return from work or when you want to sleep, you create a timer for that event.

Choose the time for the event, the days it should be applied, and the function based on comfort level, specific temperature, away mode, or off.

Ambi Climate 2 PROS. and CONS.


  • The Ambi Climate cuts down on power consumption compared to regular use of the air conditioner.
  • It’s very easy to setup and use through an app, which is user friendly and intuitive.
  • It uses A.I. for adjusting the room temperature and humidity, additionally, it is able to analyze both indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity.
  • Like other smart connected devices, its compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google home and Siri.


  • It requires remote controls with A display, thus, most old model Acs cant work well with this device.

Here is what real home users of the Ambi Climate 2 are saying;

The Ambi Climate 2 and its support staff do a great job making sure my house is as warm/cold as I would like it.

The comfort mode AI does an awesome job learning my preferences by feedback from me as to whether I am a bit cold, cold, freezing, comfortable, a bit warm, too warm, or sweltering.

With some help from Ambi support staff I did also get Ambi hooked into my Alexa device and I can now control my Ambi by using commands I tell to Alexa.

The best part is when I’m away being able to set the temperature lower and have the heat start kicking in before I come back home with a couple taps in the app. If I had a predictable schedule, I could also set a timer to do this same function.

Set up was very easy, just find my model number of my remote and let Ambi do the rest. It detected all of the settings my ductless unit has, and if it hadn’t detected them all I could submit it in the app for review to add more.


After spending over a month with the Ambi Climate 2 smart air conditioner controller, the Ambi Climate 2 has proven to be a much more better way to actively keep your space cool, regulated and comfortable while cutting down on power bills.

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