The Best Bluetooth Speakers to buy in 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

The best Bluetooth speakers of today are quality and portable audio wireless speakers built with top notch sounding audio, stronger battery life for longer play time and a strong wireless Bluetooth connection signal and reception for optimum performance, both in the home or outdoors.

wireless speakers collection for the best Bluetooth speakers reviews

Chances are that you are looking for a portable wireless speaker to bring along with you on your next outdoor adventure trip OR you just need one for convenience sake/ during your music and singing rehearsals sessions, dance classes and anything else that requires a playable audio device, but just don’t know which Bluetooth speaker you should go for.

When you consider the fact that a good wireless audio speaker can either make your music enjoyable or annoying, then you will understand the need for a careful research and thorough review when searching for the best bluetooth speakers in 2020.

Some Terminologies (Ratings) you should know about before buying any wireless bluetooth speaker

In the wireless bluetooth speakers world, ratings are usually used to describe a special feature associated with a particular bluetooth speaker.
IPX5 – Splash proof
IPX4 – Splash proof
IP67 – Waterproof and dust proof
1PX7 – Water proof

Now you know, because over the cause of this wireless speakers review, you are going to come across them often. On that note, lets first take a look at the below comparison table of the best wireless speakers we were able to test.

Bluetooth Speaker Comparison: Comparison of The Best Wireless Speakers

While some might choose to go with the best Bluetooth speakers with the loudest audio volume, others might just be interested in the best portable speakers. Whichever the case might be, we know that there is no best product out there that’s 100% perfect for everyone. So, we have reviewed this list in order of their functionality.

By now, you probably have a sneak peak of what you should go for. without wasting any time, lets dive straight into the best portable Bluetooth speakers reviews of 2019.

Review of the 10 best Bluetooth speakers 2019: Top portable Wireless speakers on the market

Speaker ModelsUse CasePlaytimeIP Rating
UE MegaBoom 3Best Bluetooth speaker overall20 hoursIPX7
Bose SoundLink Revolve+Best sounding bluetooth speaker16 hoursIPX4
Fugoo Style-SSolid and waterproof30 hoursIP67
JBL Charge 3Fully waterproof portable speaker20 hoursIPX7
UE Boom 2Great performance for under $10015 hoursIP67
Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) Smart speakerBest smart wireless speaker for streaming music24 hoursalexa built-in
Bose Soundlink Mini IIBest mini bluetooth speaker10 hoursIP67

While Anker soundcore is a bestseller (cheapest and loudest) audio speaker, Fugoo style-S still dominates as the best waterproof speaker, while UE Boom 2 still retains its position as the consumers choice for the best portable Bluetooth speaker with great sounding audio quality.

JBL charge 3 not withstanding is still a best buy wireless waterproof bluetooth speaker under $100, as Bose makes a comeback with the Bose soundlink revolver+ 360 degree bluetooth speaker with outstanding quality audio and deep bass.

Here then is a reviewed list of the best Bluetooth speakers to buy in 2019:

1. Ultimate Ears UE Megaboom 3

Our pick of the best Bluetooth speaker 2019

All thanks to its excellent audio sound quality, a long battery life and good looks, the UE Megaboom 3 is the best Bluetooth speaker you can buy right now.

UE Megaboom 3 bluetooth speaker

Size: 8.9 x 3.4-inches | Weight: 2 pounds | Battery Life: 20 hours | Water Resistance: Yes | Maximum Sound Level: 90db | Voice Controls: No

Ultimate Ears has spent most of their time developing some of the best sounding bluetooth speakers on the market with good looks, and the UE Mega Boom3 is one of the best portable speakers ever produced by Ultimate Ears.

The Design
Outside the fact that this wireless audio speaker has one of the best looks we’ve seen. It is a completely waterproof and dust-proof speaker and can be submerged in water up to three feet.

Battery Life
The UE Mega Boom 3 features an impressive 20 hours battery life.

Speaker Features, and sound production

This big, bold portable speaker gives out an all round 360-degree sound with complete crisp highs and satisfying low-end. It is rated as an IPX7 design which is waterproof and shockproof, and can survive drops, splashes as well as a fall into the pool without skipping a beat.

There’s also the Party up mode, which allows you to connect and pair with up-to 8 Bluetooth enabled source devices, including the Boom, Boom2, boom and the megaboom.

The UE Megaboom 3 might not be the very compact audio speaker available, and unlike many of its competitors, doesn’t have Alexa or Google Assistant support. But if what you really need is a great sounding audio speaker with ruggedness to stand dust and water, the UE Megaboom 3 is the best wireless bluetooth speaker on the market.

After several Bluetooth speaker reviews and tests, the UE Mega Boom 3 came out top, as the best bluetooth speaker overall 2019 – with a totally waterproof design and produces bigger sound with fuller bass.

Best sounding Bluetooth speaker with superb audio and bass

When it comes to sound and design for a compact and portable wireless speaker, the Bose Revolve Plus is hard to beat. This all rounder wireless Bluetooth speaker sounds great in every way.

Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth speaker review

We all know Bose to be a household name when it comes to audio devices, from earbuds for workouts to home theaters and down to portable audio speakers, they do a wonderful job and do not compromise when it comes to audio quality.

The Design
Looking at this speaker it’s no surprise to find that Bose has done a decent job with the styling. A perforated aluminum enclosure wraps seamlessly around the speaker and tapers towards the tops. As part of its fantastic design, it also has a lantern-style fabric handle which makes moving it from room to room fun. You can swing it around and spread songs anywhere you go.

Battery Life
It is rated IPX4 and has a battery life of 16 hours.

Sound and Performance
The sound from the Revolve+ speakers is certainly detailed and also expansive with a sweet treble and upper mid range. The top end is a little on the harsh side at times. The 360 degree sound is really impressive, without any very noticeable dead spots as you walk around the room.

Another additional feature of the Revolve + is that it is Siri and Google assistant enabled and has a button for activating them too. You can also connect the speaker to two devices at any time and it will also remember the last eight devices that were connected to it.

Video review of the Bose soundlink revolve+ VS Bose soundlink revolve.

Bose SoundLink Revolve+ 360 degree Bluetooth Speaker PROS and CONS


  • It has an inbuilt microphone, thus, an interestingly loud and clear audio sound. Phone calls are also amazing.
  • Due to its cylindrical design, you are able to get the same quality sound in all direction.
  • It is Siri and Google Assist enabled which makes it easy to operate.
  • Effective 360 degree Sonics and can be mounted on a tripod.


  • The charger is sold differently.

The Bose Soundlink revolve+ might not be the cutest, most waterproof or the cheapest Bluetooth speaker in the market, but the Bose Revolve+ arguably sounds better and has deeper bass than most wireless speakers out there, which of course earned it its place on this list of the best Bluetooth speakers of 2019.

3. Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) Smart Wireless Speaker

The best wireless speaker for a smart home

The second generation of Amazon Echo is a top rated and best selling smart wireless speaker for people who likes to keep things smart and lively.

Amazon echo smart speaker

Size: 5.9 x 3.5 inches Weight: 29 ounces | Battery Life (Rated): N/A | Waterproof/water Resistance: No | Voice Controls: Yes (Alexa)

If you’re looking for a nice-sounding Bluetooth speaker that also serves as a virtual assistant, the Amazon Echo is no doubt the best wireless speaker for you.

The Design
The second-generation Echo sports an attractive design covered with fabric, which you are able to swap out or change with various skins at any time, if you need a look that suits your home.

Why the speaker is loved
Nothing new, really, the real attraction on this speaker is Alexa, Amazon’s digital voice assistant that can do everything from check the weather for you to read your emails, all with just a quick voice command. As side attraction, you can equally ask alexa some funny questions that returns hilarious answers.

Audio quality and sound performance
When it comes to audio sound quality, the Amazon Echo smart speaker delivers solid bass and a strong overall volume. In addition, considering the tons of smart devices and services Alexa can interact with, this is the best speaker to get if you have smart gadgets in your home.

4. UE Boom 2

The best portable speaker with great sounding audio for under $100

Remember how great the UE boom portable wireless speaker is? It just got an upgrade, with improved audio sound quality and durability. It’s stain-resistant, shock-resistant and now fully waterproof.

UE Boom2 Bluetooth speaker review

Size: Portable | Weight: 1.2 pounds | Battery life (hours): 15 hours | Wireless range (bluetooth): 30+ feet | Frequency response: 90Hz-20kHz | Drivers: Two 1.75″ drivers and two 1.75″ x 3″ passive radiators | NFC: Yes | Aux-in: Yes | USB charging: Yes

The Ultimate Ears boom 2 is a compact, durable wireless Bluetooth speaker that plays louder than the original Boom and sounds a little better.

The speaker is powered by a non-removable Lithium-ion battery which according to Ultimate Ears, has up to 15 hours active battery life, though at loud volume it generally lasts 11 hours and can also be paired with a second UE speaker for stereo sound.

UE completely redesigned the driver of Boom 2 so the speaker not only sounds a little better than the Boom, but also plays at a 25 percent louder volume when maxed out.

If you like things a little bit combined for a much louder audio, then the UE Boom 2 also got you covered, as it can wirelessly link with another UE speaker for a stereo sound. UE says its Bluetooth range is about 100 feet but that is without obstruction.

According to Jeffery Van Camp of Wired Magazine “There are bigger and badder Bluetooth speakers, but none match the fun and convenience of the Ultimate Ears Boom 2”.

UE Boom 2 Bluetooth Speaker PROS and CONS


  • The loud and clear audio sound is pleasurable to the ears.
  • Durable design with a long wireless bluetooth range.


  • There was nothing we could really say, spoilt this device.

5. Fugoo Style-S Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

A premium Bluetooth speaker that cost less
The Fugoo Style-S is an incredible Bluetooth speaker, offering the kind of booming sound quality that typically, you only find in portable audio speakers above $200

Size: 8.3 x 2.9 x 2.5 inches | Weight: 27 ounces | Battery life: Up to 15 hours | Wireless range: 30+ feet | Frequency response: 60Hz -20kHz | Drivers: Two 28mm neodymium tweeters, two 39mm neodymium aluminum domed mid/woofers, two 43mm x 54mm passive radiators | NFC: No | Aux-in: Yes | Voice Controls: Yes

Fugoo Style-S Bluetooth speaker Review

This speaker delivers a well balanced sound across the spectrum- treble, midrange and bass making it a versatile performer. It has a wireless range of 100 feet without obstruction and might drop to 60 feet across walls.

A Really Tough Design
On top of delivering rich bass and crisp treble, the Style-S has a really tough and rugged design, featuring an attractive mesh design that can handle being dunked in water or dropped on the ground.

Battery Life
Its battery can last approximately up to 15 hours at about 70% of its volume. To check the battery status, push the power button while the speaker is on and the voice prompt will tell the battery level.

Additionally, it can also serve as a speakerphone which makes the voice at the other end clear when making a call and can also be paired with another style-s to create a stereo surround sound by easily pressing “+and” Bluetooth on one speaker and “–and” Bluetooth on other speaker.

Fugoo Style-S Bluetooth Speaker PROS and CONS


  • Clear sound at all volume levels.
  • Can be connected with other speakers to get a stereo surround.


  • No mobile app.
  • Compared to similarly priced models, the battery life is a little less.

6. JBL Charge 3

The Most Durable and waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL charge 3 is not called “charge” for nothing. This portable wireless audio device has an impressive audio sound and is able to charge your phone when connected to the USB as well.

Size: Portable and compact | Weight: 1.76 pounds | Battery life: 20 hours | Wireless range: 30+ feet | Frequency response: 65Hz – 20kHz | Drivers: Two 1.7″ drivers and two passive radiators | NFC: No | Bluetooth version: 3.0 | Aux-in: Yes | USB charging: Yes

JBL Charge 3 wireless audio speaker review

Click to compare prices from Amazon US | Amazon UK, CA & AU | Prices are lower when discount is applied (Use the button above).

No doubt about it, the JBL Charge 3 is one of the best wireless Bluetooth speakers you can lay your hands on right now because of its sound quality, size and the price, which is indeed quite affordable.

This wireless audio speaker has an IPX7 rating, which means: it is not just splash proof, but completely water proof. Not just a water proof device, the water proof fabrics does not only do a very good job of protecting the speaker from water but it also gives it a firm grip.

Battery Life
Its battery life is 20hours which by the way is a very long time.

Connectivity (Wireless Bluetooth and device)
JBL Charge 3 wirelessly connects up to 3 Smart Phones or Tablets and takes turns playing powerful stereo sounds. It has a connectivity of 50-60 feet when there’s no wall but with walls around the range drops to 30-35 feet which is also not bad.

Overall, The JBL charge 3 strikes a great balance between price, features and sound.

JBL Charge 3 Bluetooth Speaker PROS and CONS


  • Well crafted design with a charger port which makes it able to also serve as a power bank. Yes, it can charge your mobile smartphones and other small USB rechargeable devices.
  • It has a very clear audio sound at both lows and highs.
  • It is completely water proof and its covering makes it easy to handle when wet and not slimy.


  • One way play. You cannot playback, that is, you cant go back to previous songs.
  • Compared to similarly priced models, the battery life is a little less.

7. Tribit Xsound Go Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Budget friendly: the best cheap bluetoot speaker under $50

Tribit XsoundGo portable Bluetooth speaker

Weight: 0.8 pounds | Battery life: Up to 24 hours | Wireless range: 30+ ft | Frequency response: 85 – 20,000 Hz | Drivers: 2 x 6W | NFC: No | Aux: yes | USB charging: No

You can buy from Amazon US, UK, CA, Europe and Best Buy (prices are lower when discount is applied) – Use the button above.

Initially I was hesitant to add this speaker to the list, (obviously because of its price tag) but after a one on one session with this portable Bluetooth speaker, and some weeks of close monitoring, I give it to them, Tribit knows exactly what they are doing in the portable audio industry.

Personally, I think the mission of Tribit is to make really amazing portable speakers for less, so that every category of persons can get one.

The design
The design of the tribit XsoundGo is nothing extra-ordinary, it features a simple spherically shaped design, all wrapped in a nice material with the control buttons at the top.

Audio sound and Performance
After hearing the tribit XsoundGo bluetooth speaker play some of my favorite songs I use during audio tests, all I could say was, hey Tribit, just shut up and take my money.

The Tribit XsoundGo portable bluetooth speaker sounds like a mini and personal home theater system. The speaker really impressed me with its well balanced audio across all levels and an amazing bass. For a speaker at this price range, it completely blew me off.

Drawback but not deal breaker
The performance of this bluetooth speaker is best when there is a full battery. With a battery above 50%, the bass pumps really good even at the highest volume, but at under 50% battery level, you only get to feel the bass on a volume below 50.

The speaker is rated IPX7 which means its water and dust resistant which means, it can put up with a day at the beach or pool without a problem.
Personal note: I didn’t really get to test the water resistance potency or bury it in the dust to see how rugged it is.

Overall, if you are looking for a good bluetooth speaker that sounds really fantastic with a well balanced audio and bass for under $50, the Tribit XSound Go speaker is one of the best portable speaker we recommend. This things sounds like a mini personal home theater. An outstanding performance for its price.

8. Bose Soundlink Mini II

Bose soundlink Mini II Limited Edition Bluetooth Speaker is designed for sleek simplicity.
Its single piece aluminum casing is durable and ultra compact.

Bose Soundlink Mini II Bluetooth speaker review

Click to compare prices from Amazon US | Amazon UK, CA & AU | Prices are lower when discount is applied (Use the button above).

This speaker actually looks small but produces a wonderful sound. Compared to the size, it delivers full, natural sound with dramatically deeper bass than you’d expect from an ultra compact speaker.

The Bose soundlink Mini II Limited Edition Bluetooth Speaker delivers a smooth and well textured tone, with decent mid range presence that isn’t only about pounding out bass beats. This speaker comes with quality sound with deeper bass, silkier mids and smoother treble.

While the Bose Soundlink Mini II wireless Bluetooth audio speaker gives the impression of having deep and full bass, it’s capable of bringing out sub-bass frequencies due to the limitations of its small driver/ radiator array.

Design and Functionality.
On top of the speaker you will find all of the speakers controls including power, volume pairing and multi-function button. The multi function can be used to change tracks or for activating voice assistants like Siri.

On the left side of the speaker you will find the micro USB charging port and a 3.5mm headphone jack for using legacy devices.

Last but not the least, there are pins at the bottom of the speaker for using the included dock. The dock isn’t necessary as you can simply plug in a micro USB cable to charge, but it’s nice to be able to set the speaker down to charge in one motion.

Other Interesting Functions.
It also features a built in microphone for taking calls and accessing Siri or Google Now. Its battery life is rated for an average of 10 hours.

This speaker is able to remembers the last eight devices that were previously used with it, and is able to automatically reconnect to them.

Bose Soundlink Mini II Bluetooth Speaker PROS and CONS


  • A compact, portable and above all, durable design.
  • Clear sound at all volumes with deep bass.
  • One button functionality.


  • It’s a little bit heavy for a compact speaker size.

9. Bose SoundLink Revolve Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A cheaper alternative to the already great Soundlink revolve+

bose soundlink revolve portable bluetooth speaker

Weight: 1.5 pounds | Battery life: Up to 12 hours | Wireless range: 30 feet | Frequency response: N/A | Drivers: N/A | NFC: No | Aux-in: Yes | USB charging: Yes

Who is this speaker good for?
If you need the premium audio sound quality of the Revolve+ but do not have over 200 bucks to spend.

While this speaker cannot be compared to its improved and bigger version, its still an excellent sound speaker for people looking for true 360-degree surround sound. It’s great for sharing music during a party or for moving around the room without losing audio fidelity.

Drawback but not deal breaker
One thing you should know about this portable wireless bluetooth speaker is that; while it sounds great and gives you an all-surround-sound, it’s also not fully dust or waterproof, so you’ll want to think twice before bringing the Revolve to the beach.

While the Bose SoundLink Revolve doesn’t sound quite as good as the premium soundlink revolve+, its a smaller and less expensive bluetooth speaker than its predecessor.

10. Anker SoundCore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A loud budget portable speaker that sounds incredibly good with deep bass for its price, at just under $50

Anker has a history of making excellent budget wireless speakers, and the Anker SoundCore 2 makes the best cheap Bluetooth speaker even better, offering big sound and a 24-hour battery within a wonderfully compact design.

Anker-SoundCore-2 Waterproof bluetooth Speaker review

Click to compare prices from Amazon US | Amazon UK, CA & AU | Prices are lower when discount is applied (Use the button above).

The Anker sound core Bluetooth speaker features a 24 hours play time, quality sound and easy portability for a wireless speaker that is not only handy but fun and easy to use. With this Bluetooth speaker, you will be able to experience your music in full body stereo because of its dual high performance drives and a unique spiral bass port.

Battery Life
The Battery life for the Anker sound core is pretty amazing as it gives you up to 24 hours (which is approximately 480-500 song play time) of constant playback on a single charge that’s over twice longer than what most other Bluetooth speakers can offer.

It is rated IPX 5 which is splash proof. That is, it should not be submerged into water.

Bluetooth and Connectivity
The speaker uses the Bluetooth 4.0 technology, and it is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices and ensures a strong and stable connection up to 30+ feets away for a skip free music. It can be use with your phones, tablets and almost all Bluetooth enabled devices.

It has Dual full-range drivers, a patented bass port, and a fine tuned Digital Signal Processor present music with rousing highs and deep lows. Even at high volumes there’s less harmonic distortion resulting in remarkable clarity.

Anker Sound core automatically reconnects to the last device used for instant music play back.

Overall, the Anker sound core 2 speaker is without doubt one of the best cheapest bluetooth speakers you can get for under $50. The sound compared to the size is great and it has the sound quality of a speaker twice its size.

Anker SoundCore 2 Bluetooth Speaker PROS and CONS.


  • A very strong bass with an amazing sound for its price.
  • User friendly pairing, very easy to pair, auto reconnects and is able to remember the last 8 devices connected to it.
  • Very portable and lightweight.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 compatible.


  • Sometimes frequent automatic reconnecting to the last paired device might be annoying especially for those who rotate devices.

Quick Navigation for bluetooth speaker buying guide


With choosing the best wireless speakers comes the problem of “what bluetooth speaker should I buy” “how do I know which bluetooth speaker is best for me?” “what is the best wireless speaker on a budget” and many others.

Hence, we have not forgotten to conclude this detailed review of the best bluetooth speakers you can buy in 2019 for home, cars and outdoors with a mini buying guide to further help you make better buying decisions and guide you.

Buying Guide to get the Best Pair of Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

  • It is advisable for you to look out for Bluetooth speaker with IP rating, that way you can actually tell it is splash, waterproof or not water resistant.
  • Go for rugged speakers because they are more durable.
  • Go for speakers that are versatile that can be powered and charged by other sources such as via a car charger or a USB.
  • Make sure to check the frequency range of of the speaker. It best you go for speakers with frequency of the range 100Hz and 20,000Hz.
  • You also need to check if the speaker you want to purchase is compactable with the device you intend to use it with.
  • Go for Bluetooth of the range not less than 30 feet that also offer multi-unit pairing.

How Much Does a Bluetooth Speaker Cost?

The average price for a small bluetooth speaker starts from around $20, although you’ll need to pay at least $40 for a good quality speaker such as the Anker Soundcore or JBL Clip.

While the bigger speakers will cost you from around $80 to $150 depending on the brand and features, audiophiles seeking top notch sound quality should expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $300 for the premium and feature-rich models.

Now that you have seen the comparison and detailed review of each wireless speakers available, before you go all excited about having a new portable bluetooth speaker, it is crucial to know some necessary factors that should be put into consideration before you decide to buy any wireless bluetooth speaker.

Factors to consider when buying a Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

Before buying any portable wireless audio speaker, the following needs to be considered:

  • Review of the play time battery
  • Audio quality at all levels
  • Durability of the speaker
  • Charging capability
  • Connectivity
  • Compatibility
  • Wireless range and multi unit setup

If you have any question or need more information about portable wireless speakers for home, outdoor or shower, leave your comments below using the comment box and I will be right here to help out.

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    1. Yea, It sometimes can get very tempting, especially when you consider the fact that each speaker was built for a specific kind of audience. The best way to go about this is to simply look for one that suits your specific need. Thanks for the nice words.

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    And the sound I will play is mostly lullabies, soundscapes and stories. So a speaker with good subtle sound quality would be ideal.

    1. Hello Ela,
      I can imagine how beautiful your outdoor art will look like 🙂

      If what you are looking for is a wireless portable bluetooth speaker that you can pair up-to 4 or even more together, to produce an even more crisp and cool sound, then the Ultimate Ears boom 3 is the right speaker for you. First, thesound quality is very good, and you can use the Ultimate Ears app to pair even over 10 speakers together. Yes, they are waterproof as well.

      But if you are running on a budget, you can go for the U.E Boom 2 which is our top pick above.

  5. Carrie Underwood is my favorite country singer, and listening to her music on the Bose soundlink revolve+ gives me so much joy that all my worries are taken away.

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