EarFun Wave Hi-Fi Wireless Headphones Review

EarFun Wave Hi-Fi Wireless Headphones Review: A great sounding Bluetooth over-ear under $50

Wireless bluetooth headphones have constantly been improving over the years, since their first appearance in the audio market, and oh well, they have gotten way better and sound really good.

EarFun Wave Hi-Fi Wireless Headphones

While the top sounding headphones don’t come cheap, over the years, new bluetooth headphones that cost less and oh well, sounds really great, are being released, and one of such wireless over ear headphones is the EarFun Wave Hi-Fi Wireless Headphones.

The EarFun Wave Hi-Fi Wireless Headphones is a great sounding budget friendly bluetooth over ear headphone, designed for Ultra-comfort, with a battery life of upto 30hours, a built in mic and can be used in both wireless and wired mode.

I spent over three weeks with this bluetooth earbuds and here is my honest review as well as everything you need to know about it.

EarFun Wave Hi-Fi Wireless Headphones Review

Earfun over-ear headphone wireless review

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  • Type: Bluetooth over ear
  • Bluetooth: Yes V5.0
  • Driver: 40mm*2
  • Battery size: 680mAh
  • Play time: Upto 30 hours (depending on the audio volume)
  • Weight: 1 lbs
  • Built-in Microphone for Hands-free Call
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Can serve as a wired headphone to produce even more better sound when plugged in.

The Build and Design

The design of the EarFun Wave Hi-Fi Wireless Headphones is similar to the likes of beats studio headphones in both function and looks, with easy to access control buttons and can fold up and fit in an included protective case. Although the housings are majorly plastics, the feel is of top quality, foldable and above all, very comfortable.


The ear-cups can be folded into a compact size to fit in the compact case which is durable and includes a 3.5mm audio cable for wired listening, should in case you run out of battery or need a deeper high resolution sound.


Being a lightweight over ear, the headphones spot a soft, pressure-relieving memory-protein earpads that reduces pressure and increases the ear pad contact for a stable fit. They are comfortable to wear fo long listening sessions.

Sound and performance

All sentiments aside, for all the time I had these pair of headphones on my head, I never for once thought of them as a bluetooth headphone under $50. The sound is amazing and rivals some of the higher priced models.

They are not supposed to sound this good for a $50 price tag. Damn!

All thanks to a dual “Neodymium Magnetic” HIFI 40mm drivers, the EarFun Wave headphones delivers a great sounding audio quality across various levels and class of music. Whether you’re listening at low volumes or want to go deaf with high volumes, the sound is stable and super clear for the price you pay.

On making and receiving calls

Like the xFyro waterproof wireless earbuds I earlier reviewed, there is a built in Mic that makes hands free calling easy and clear, without any distortion. However, one thing I really loved about these cans during phone calls was the built-in noise-rejecting microphone which provides clearer calls, even in noisy environments. Now beat that 🙂

There was never a time I had to struggle to hear what the other party was saying, or them not hearing me. My phone calls were very clear without any disturbance or sound break.

Battery Life

Though I didnt get to really max out the battery across various levels, these headphones pack a long lasting battery life.. According to its manufacturers, the battery life of these headphones are upto 40 hours, but that depends largely on the volume and type of music you’re listening to, bluetooth range and temperature.

In conclusion

For many, the name/company Earfun audio doesn’t ring a bell, except oh well, we are all familiar with the meaning of both words combined – Ear and fun.

Yea right, that is exactly what it is. A budget friendly, soft and good looking over ear wireless headphones that is fun to wear and produces pleasant sounds across all levels, with an amazing price tag under $50.

So, if you are in the market for a Bluetooth over ear headphone that sounds great and cost less, the EarFun Wave Hi-Fi Wireless Headphones is a great choice if noise cancelling is not a thing for you. When you run out of battery, just connect your AUX cord and continue to enjoy your music.

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